Life of a PI on matplot

It’s March 2014 or we can say 3.14, yes! It’s a month of PI. I decided to make something to the spirit of PI. First, I thought of displaying digits of PI on LED (dot matrix) display using Raspberry PI, but then I don’t have a much of setup here (Bangalore) for such work (not even a soldering iron 😦 ).
I am learning python a bit and matplot library. So, I decided to plot the symbol of PI on a plot with matlpot using python. But, how do I do it? Here comes Batman to the rescue. Original, idea came from the Batman equation [1]. If you haven’t seen it already here it is in all its glory:

Batman Equation

After looking into it turns out that I have to dismantle PI symbol into the simple curves that I can draw separately. I went with lines and ellipse. Here is the image [2].

PI symbol (left) and dismantled symbol (right)

PI symbol (left) and dismantled symbol (right)

By making these curves valid (∈ R) only in the region for the symbol of PI, I got the following equations.

Here’s python code, F5 and voila (!), we have a symbol of PI.


1. Batman Equation
2. Reference image for symbol of PI

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